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Gutsy Women

Making herstory with the Clintons

When Apple TV+ reaches out and asks 'can' you make time to meet with Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the answer is a resounding yes!!!! 

That's what happened to me after Apple TV+ reached out to film a wedding ceremony I was officiating in Los Angles, CA.


With a 90 minute timeframe, thousands of miles traversed across the country to NYC, and a stomach full of butterflies, I sat down with the Secretary herself! I asked and answered some "gutsy" questions about love and marriage. 

Take a look!

Let's just say I had to pull over once they told me I'd be speaking with her for 90 minutes!!! 

That's longer than "60 Minutes" ever got :D

I'm at 30 seconds...

...still blown away by this interview with Hillary Clinton!!! 

1:40....My name in lights! (or at least on TV!) Autograph anyone? lol
1:53...The featured wedding ceremony....the couple's story is below!


Behind the Scenes

I see you gutsy ladies...

Being "Gutsy"

From household names to unsung heroes, these are some of the boldest and bravest women...

and I am one of them!

My flight itinerary arrived in my inbox before I disconnected the line and I got my window seat! 

I arrived in NYC, having been chauffeured to my hotel accommodations, prepped and readied to then go sit across the herstory making icon herself, Hillary Clinton and I loved our conversation! 


We spoke as married women, mothers, activists, as the faithful, as the tested and as the tried. We discussed the ripple affects of betrayal and the road that can be taken towards forgiveness, but most importantly, we honored whichever gutsy decision you make. 

Take a look into the behind the scenes captures that this midwestern gal couldn't have imagined possible! From travel, to make up, to the actual conversation, journey with me as I show you how "gutsy" I am! 


Signed, Rev. Whittney-Marie

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 2.31.01 PM.png

[ Rev. Whittney-Marie speaking with Secretary Hillary Clinton ]

You have a marriage that has been on public display since the beginning.
You said the gutsiest thing you ever did was stay in your marriage.

I'm still in shock at asking this question!


Streaming on Apple TV+, premiering September 2022

Featured Couple

When love truly wins

The Apple TV+ docuseries, Gutsy, features Ariadna and Ruben, a trans and queer first generation Latinx couple from the outskirts of Los Angeles, CA. 

Their love story includes the breaking and rekindling of familial bonds and navigating the intersections of spirituality and sexuality, while also honoring their love for one another by sealing it with an audacious "I, do!" 


Affirmed by friends, family, and chosen family, Ari and Ruben received the wedding “beyond” their dreams as the Los Angeles Queer community rallied together to give them the ceremony at no charge but spared no expense...and Apple TV+ got it all on film! 

Take a look at their wedding ceremony and let's honor and applaud how gutsy they are! 

To Ari & Ruben, 

May your audacity to love continue to be as strong as your will to be gutsy

My life is forever changed by meeting you at the altar of love. 

Rev. Whittney-Marie


September 25, 2021, was a day of magic in Los Angeles, CA as Ariadna and Ruben united their love in the forever caress of matrimony. Affirmed by friends, family, and chosen family, this couple received the wedding “beyond” their dreams as the Los Angeles Queer community rallied together to give them the ceremony at no charge but spared no expense!



Ruben & Ariadna

There was not a dry eye in the park! 

“To say we are grateful is an understatement and to say that we are moved does not even scratch the surface. We felt like the king and queen that we are on the most special day of our lives. Strangers gathered behind the scenes and created a wonderful ceremony, reception, and even showed us with gifts! It was through the kindness of chosen family, that we were able to be affirmed as a queer couple. Now how you say ‘I, do’!”

No expense was spared...only shared! 

The community truly showed up for this one :D

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 10.40.28 AM.png
"Rev. Whittney-Marie gave us the wedding we were afraid to dream of...."
When she told us 'I got you,' we believed her because she led with such love and welcoming energy!

Featured Couple

Meeting Ari & Ruben has been one of the greatest joys of my life, personally and professionally. 

They are my values in action!



5/5 Stars


*Copy not property of Rev. I, do Officiating - from Apple TV

Be sure to check out "Gutsy" and send me a message about your thoughts on my episode! 

and me!!!

Coming SEPTEMBER 9th

Take an unforgetable journey with Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton as they go on adventures with some of the world's boldest and bravest women - from household names to unsung heros - who make us laugh and inspire us to be more gutsy.

Documentary 2022


and me!!!

Explore Rev. I, do Officiating's work with other couples.

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